Q. Is there a deposit required to hold my date?

A. Yes, there is a non-refundable booking deposit of $350. This paid deposit and a signed contract is required to secure your date.  

Q. How far out are you booking?

A. Heather is booking approximately 12 months out and her senior artists are booking 4-6 months out. Earlier is always better when it comes to in-demand professionals.

Q. Is a trial included in the cost?

A. No. Trial cost is the exact same application as the wedding day. Trials average 1-2 hours and give you plenty of time to chat, tweak and walk away with complete confidence for your big day. Trials include one full makeup look, and one full hair style. Additional looks and/or separate styles will incur additional cost.  

Q. Can I book a trial before sending in my deposit?

A. Absolutely! Dates book up quickly, so timing is everything and we highly suggest securing your date even prior to your trial, or you may likely lose the spot. Even with a trial on the books, brides who secure their date are given priority, so be sure to lock yours in as soon as possible.

Q. Is there a minimum to book you?

A. Yes. There is a $500 minimum in base services for Heather, and her artists.

Q. How many people can you and your team handle?

A. We have yet to find a number we can't handle! All of our artists and assistants are amazing at what they do, so even when reinforcements are called in to ensure the wedding party is done within your window, everyone will look perfect!

Q. Does everyone get lashes?

A. Yes! All pricing includes lashes, but opting out of lashes will not decrease your cost. The lashes used to create their signature styles are incredibly beautiful, but manageable and natural. They will make everyone's eyes pop on camera, and will stay put through the tears, smiles, and endless hugs!

Q. Do you offer "Eyes Only?"

A. No, we do not. Most of the artistry happens in and around the eyes, so the cost would be so close to that of a full face, we have opted out of offering this. 

Q. Do you work with out of town brides who can't do trials?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Heather and her team often work with brides that can't get in for a trial and still knock it out of the park every time. Do not worry. You are in the BEST hands!

Q. Are there any travel fees?

A. Travel fees are based on event location, peak season demand, and number of artists needed. It will be included in the initial proposal for your review.

Q. Why are there travel fees for my location, but not for others?

A. Heather B Beauty artists handle many each year. Each wedding day during peak season has 2-3 weddings scheduled, and due to timing distance, certain locations stop artists from being able to take a second wedding during peak days. Travel fees are a small compensation for that loss of work for the artist, as well as gas a drive time.

Q. Is gratuity included in your pricing?

A. No, gratuity is not included in base pricing, but all weddings will have an automatic 20% gratuity added for all services rendered on the day of.

Q. What payments do you accept?

A. We accept cash, check and cards. All contracts will have a 3% processing fee added to the final balance. Brides are responsible for collecting payment from their parties and paying the full balance in ONE cash or card payment, no less than two weeks prior to services being rendered on the day of. 

Q. Do you accept partial payments, or individual party member payments?

A. No. All payments by party members need to be collected by the Bride. Final balances will be due in full, 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Q. Will my wedding be the only one you have on my date?

A. Due to the number of inquiries each year, we have limited the number of weddings we take based on scheduling and availability. In peak season, most Saturdays have 2-3 weddings happening that day with our entire team booked out. It is important that each Bride understand we take each and every wedding very seriously and care for each Bride's timeline like it was our own. Ensuring your head counts for services, as well as checking timelines with your planners and photographers is the best way to ensure you will have no scheduling issues. No changes can be made to your contract or timeline without your Artist's approval, and no headcount numbers can be lowered (additions may be made pending approval) within 90 days of the event date.

Q. I don't know my exact headcount right now. How long do I have to finalize?

A. Headcounts need to be finalized as soon as you book. Your contract deposit will be based upon those numbers, as will all scheduling and timelines built around your wedding that day. In some cases we can make small additions (1-2) people closer to the weddings, but generally the rule is headcounts need to be as clear as possible from day one.